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5 artists you should follow on Instagram

Instagram is the place where you find great pictures of tasty food, cute dogs and beautiful scenery. It’s where you’re able to connect with friends and family, and grow your network to share the goings-on of your personal life.

The social media site and app is also an amazing tool for finding inspiration. There are numerous up-and-coming as well as popular artists on the site who are sharing their creations with the world.

The next time you log onto Instagram, make sure you follow these 5 contemporary artists, who will liven up your feed and act as your social media muses.


Always rooted in the medium of film, Tony Oursler conjures sculptural and immersive experiences using technologies that hark back to magic lanterns, Victorian light shows, camera obscura and auratic parlour tricks, but that also look forward to the fully networked, digitally assisted future of image and identity production. As a pioneer of video art in early 1980s New York, Oursler specialized in hallucinogenic dramaturgy and radical formal experimentation, employing animation, montage and live action: “My early idea of what could be art for my generation was an exploded TV”. From performative and low-fi beginnings, Oursler has developed an ever-evolving multimedia and audio-visual practice utilising projections, video screens, sculptures and optical devices, which might take form as figurative puppets, ethereal talking automatons or immersive, cacophonous environments. Tony Oursler lives and works in New York, NY, USA. Born in 1957, he graduated from the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, USA and collaborated on early works with artists such as Mike Kelley.

David de Tscharner (°1979, Swiss, based in Brussels, BE) graduated from the art schools ESBA in Geneva, CH and La Cambre in Brussels, BE in 2005, where he now works as a teacher. As art director of Code (2005 – 2010), a magazine dedicated to the promotion of emerging artists, he had the opportunity to collaborate with well-known artists like Florence Doléac, Benoit Platéus, Céline Vaché-Olivieri, Charlie Jeffery, Gabriel Ghebrezghi (Ghostape), Eric Croes and Jean-Baptiste Bernadet. His art career took off with his first solo exhibition “One Sculpture a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” at the Brussels based gallery Aliceday in 2012. It was a response to the the artist collective La Table Ronde, who invited David to exhibit in the storefront they occupy in the center of Brussels. In the midst of a particularly intense creative period, during which David produced numerous drawings and sketches, experimented with new sculptures and tested several original installation ideas, he decided to build a display structure where he presented a new creation every day.



Olivier Masmonteil (°1973) is a French painter born in Romilly-sur-Seine (FR). He exclusively focused on contemporary landscape painting during the first 10 years of his career before painting other topics. His work can be found in various private and public collections. Well active in social media, Olivier Masmonteil post on Instagram like a blog. With a rich knowledge of art history, he presents a unique perspective of his universe. His pieces are like a kaleidoscope each frame offering a different focus. His painting use facets from both the past and the present to create a new reality; neither fully placed in reality or abstraction.

Alice Janne (°1985, Belgian, based in Brussels, BE) graduated in 2012 from ERG art school (Brussels, BE) with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts. Her work explores the evolution of our consumer society through the traces it leaves behind; an art practice dealing with a realm of discarded objects. In 2012 she received the Audience Award at the “Concours Médiatine Art Libre” for most talented young artist. In 2014 she was selected for the “Prix de la Jeune sculpture” of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. Alice participated (solo or in group) in a number of well-known exhibitions in Belgium and abroad: “Supermarket/Stockholm” Independent Art Fair (OAC, SE, 2013), “Youth…between freedom & fight” (Maison Particulière, Brussels, BE, 2014), “Don’t step on the mome raths/virtual Reality” (Exit11, Gembloux, BE, 2015), “The linings – unexpected insides” (Bozar, Brussels, BE, 2015), “The Sour” / “Voyager Mission – Sparkles & Emptiness”(Centrale lab, Brussels, BE, 2016), “Rien ne va plus!” (Museum Ixelles, Brussels, BE, 2016) and “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it” (SECONDroom, Ghent, BE, 2016). Her work figures in the contemporary art collection of the renowned Brussels based collector Alain Servais.



Dominique Romeyer (°1958, Lyon, FR) is a French artist who lives and works in Brussels (BE) since 2013. Dominique graduated from the University of Lyon (FR) and Aix-en-Provence (FR) in 1988, with a Master degree in History of Art and Archeology. Dominique does not leave aesthetic a priori unturned, but questions the basis of 21st Century visual discourse, reasserting beauty, immanence and humanism with the very same formal means she considers.