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By purchasing a work of art on our Online art gallery, we offer you the opportunity to buy a work of art by offering you all the “classic” guarantees you get by buying a work in a physical gallery: certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and a work of art validated by one of our experts.

In addition, you receive a free return guarantee within 14 days of delivery if there is a problem with your purchased work.

You also get all the benefits of an online shopping experience: secure payment, immediate order confirmation and quick and secure shipping of your acquired work within 5 to 10 business days from the date of purchase.

Finally, through your purchase, you not only get an original work, but you actively support a non-profit association since all the profits from our sales (online) are invested in organizing events, workshop visits and participating in fairs to increase the visibility of artists on our platform.

Still not convinced?

Please take a look at our customer testimonial page!