Intimate corner n°1

Jeanine Cohen - Intimate corner n°1
Jeanine Cohen - Intimate corner n°1

About this work

This lithograph has been realized by Jeanine Cohen exclusively for ALLEGRARTE and edited by Editions Bruno Robbe in 60 copies.

€ 60

25 copies available
  • Medium Lithography
  • Dimensions 30 (H) cm x 24 (W) cm
  • Year 2017
  • Edited by Editions Bruno Robbe
  • Limited edition 60 copies
  • Authentification Authentification certificate signed by the artist
  • Customer return policy Within 14 days after delivery
  • Shipping modalities within 5-10 business days from Brussels (Belgium)

About this artist

“My work is a continuous research on the concept of painting, outside of the obvious definition of the canvas”. Jeanine Cohen’s use of colour, structure and light breaks down the frontiers between pictorial and actual spaces.