About this work

Kris Fierens never starts from an existing image, concrete object or concept; instead he departs from an unrepeatable combination of the gestural, emotional and subconscious. Art, according to Fierens, is obliged to stake claims in order to succeed. Fierens’ paintings are deeply committed to themselves, trusting the minimal forms to create a delicate dance between abstraction and figuration.


€ 3000

  • Medium Acrylic on canvas
  • Dimensions 40 (H) x 50 (L) cm
  • Year 2017
  • Authentification Authentification certificate signed by the artist
  • Customer return policy Within 14 days after delivery
  • Shipping modalities within 5-10 business days from Brussels (Belgium)

About this artist

Kris Fierens’ work concerns “the beauty of chaos”. The essence of his work is the power and the beauty of a motion, as a culmination point of a thinking process that cannot be expressed by words.