ALLEGRARTE is the first online art gallery constituted under the legal form of a non-profit association. 

Allegrarte is all about supporting and giving artists more visibility: that is why the artists occupy a central role with Allegrarte.  Aware of difficulties for artists to gain access to the art market, we offer them our support to launch their career in a fast moving and complex world.

Artists often lead a solitary life, and building a network is difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, they don’t always get the opportunity to show or to sell their work. This is an issue because nobody can live on art and creativity alone. Feedback from the public and a financial income are crucial for artists. Without this an artist cannot progress or continue to create.

This where ALLEGRARTE comes in. By providing an artist with means to create visibility for their works and interacting with the public, ALLEGRARTE wants to help artists to develop their career and to gain income. How?

First of all by means of the sales of the finest artworks produced by talented artists on this website. Secondly my business partner, Marc, and myself, Dominique, founders of the project have the intention to reinvest the proceeds of the sales in the organisation of events, meetings with artists, exhibitions and visits of artist’s workshops.

As we strongly believe that it is equally important to organize activities and events in order to make the artworks more tangible to the public. That is why we organized our 1st exhibition “Allegrarte Platform I” that ran from September 28th till December 3rd 2017 in an prestigious old “maison de maître” situated on Avenue Louise in Brussels (BE).