The Cube

About this work

In the work ‘Cube’ a corner of a small transparent cube is sliced off by the artist; depending on the angle of vision, the two fragments create a mirror effect explained by the scientific phenomenon of “total internal reflection”. As the viewer moves, keeping his gaze on the two pieces, the work suddenly appears to move itself and becomes transitory. What was once a static object, now brings us – via a ‘mirrorical return’– to a diffracted space whose coordinates are set by our desire to see the world in a different, almost poetic, way.

€ 810

9 copies available
  • Medium Plexiglass
  • Dimensions 5 cm x 5 x 5 and 5 cm x 3 x 3
  • Year 2010
  • Edition 1/9
  • Authentification Authentification certificated signed by the artist
  • Customer return policy Within 14 days after delivery
  • Shipping modalities within 5-10 business days from Brussels (Belgium)