37°34’41″N – 2°50’30″W

Arnaud Gerniers - 37°34’41″N – 2°50’30″W
Arnaud Gerniers - 37°34’41″N – 2°50’30″W Arnaud Gerniers - 52° 59' 52''N - 4° 44' 2''E

About this work

A light frame set up in the middle of a landscape. Shades of light. Darkness. No landmark. Just emptiness. Nothing. The work of Arnaud Gerniers invites us to cross known borders and look beyond the frame to discover the unknown. Silent and mute, his light frames leave us no other choice but to confront ourselves and to see the invisible.

€ 4500

  • Medium Genuine silver print on baryté paper
  • Dimensions 115 cm H x 140 cm W
  • Year 2010
  • Edition Unique edition (1/1)
  • Framed Mounted on wooden frame
  • Authentification Certificate signed by the artist
  • Payment Eligible for interest free loan offered by Kunst Aan Zet
  • Customer return policy Within 14 days after delivery
  • Shipping modalities within 5-10 business days from Brussels (Belgium)

About this artist

"Arnaud Gerniers' art is an empty pleasure." Arnaud Gerniers' work gives you the opportunity to use your own eyes and your own mind to discover an unknown dimension.