Maelle Maisonneuve

Maelle Maisonneuve


Originally from France, Maelle Maisonneuve (1988, Marseille, FR) obtained a Bachelors in graphic design from the art school ERG (Brussels, BE), and a Masters in Painting from the art school La Cambre (Brussels, BE).

Maëlle’s artistic practice ranges across drawing, video, collage, painting and writing. Her work concerns sudden impulses or momentary desires, and she composes, decomposes, assembles, recycles and reclaims different materials by transforming them into surprising and unpredictable works of art.

After a number of group and solo exhibitions in France, Belgium and the UK, as well as two residences in India and Iceland, she moved to Brussels in 2017.

As in the rest of her artistic oeuvre, her video works (called “song albums”, recorded during her travels) espouse a rock and roll attitude of provocation and rudeness charged with the delicate touch of poetry.  To see one of Maelle’s videos, you can follow this link:


Maelle Maisonneuve œuvres d'art