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About Trui Demarcke


Trui Demarcke (° 1962, Belgian, living in Zele, BE), studied Sculptural Ceramics at Sint-Lucas in Ghent (BE) and afterwards Industrial Textile Design in Courtrai (BE). She afterwards founded the « FIL & BAUKIS » label, known for its exclusive silk and knitted scarves. She combined this professional activity in the last decade with a career as an artist. After several solo and group exhibitions, she made the artist’s book « Tsimtsoem », from chaos to order, a creation story in 24 images. Multimedia artist Trui Demarcke starts her visual work from the basic element of light. The light is for her a space that she delimits with “matter”, which in turn becomes a carrier of energy and information. In the accumulation of materials and meanings that may or may not vibrate in harmony, her creations start to get slowly a certain shape. Material is applied, removed again, leaves a shadow of the previous operation. In this way the artist wants to make the process of creation tangible and visible in its final phase.
The concept of “Tsimtsoem” – the limitation of infinite space – is an idea that the artist likes to adhere to in order to transform chaos to order.