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About Simon Van Parys


Multimedia artist Simon Van Parys (° 1986, based in Ghent, BE) graduated in 2010 with a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) at the LUCA art school in Ghent (BE). In addition to his workshop in Ghent, where his professional practice is located, Van Parys also continues to expand his artistic horizon, with international collaborations from London across Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Hong Kong. Every new environment has a determining influence on his artistic inspiration. His practice is influenced by large cranes, container terminals, automobiles and fighter jets. In short: solid futuristic machines with body. His handmade sculptures – assembled with assemblies, advanced plastics and using the 3-D technology – seem almost like extraterrestrial creatures. His sculptural work is supplemented by various media such as painting, photography and digital drawings, as well as sound, which adds an extra dimension to his artistic creations. His work is a dialogue between the present and the future, whether utopian or dystopian, depending on the viewer’s own perception.

The works of Simon Van Parys