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About Raphael Lecoquierre


Raphaël Lecoquierre, multidisciplinary artist born in Saint-Cloud in 1988 (FR), living and working in Brussels (BE), graduated in 2010 from ENSAPC and in 2014 from ENSAV. His work focuses on abstract issues, reductionism, poetry and colors through paintings, sound, installations or video. He is interested in the persuasiveness of images, the desires they can generate and the relationship they maintain with memory and time. Raphaël Lecoquierre evokes the evocative and poetic potential of sober and refined forms through a stream of random and alienating visual images that overwhelm us. In 2011 he founded the Artist-Run-Space Abilene with Nancy Moreno, Régis Jocteur, Louise Boghossian and Andrea Montano with whom he set up an exhibition cycle of young artists belonging to the international contemporary art scene such as Gijs Milius, Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Nicolas Bourthoumieux, laura Porter, Louis Clais or Sébastien Bonin. Since 2010 he is also part of the audiovisual project Ligovskoye that he started with Nicolas Azonov. This multidisciplinary project combines image and sound in various publications, performances and multimedia installations. The duo mainly plays live in Paris in the Grand Palais (FR), in the Almine Rech gallery (FR) and in the Gaîté Lyrique (FR). They present their multimedia installation project « Enuma » at Greylight Projects in 2017 in Schaerbeek (BE) and then « Jalan » at the Atlas brewery in 2019 in Anderlecht (BE). The work of Raphaël Lecoquierre has been the subject of various group and personal exhibitions in Brussels, London and Paris: « Meditation on management » Vulpes Vulpes (London, EN, 2013); « Nabla » Poppositions off fair (Brussels, BE, 2014); « Elements » La Rotonde (Brussels, BE, 2017); « Intermediate State » (solo), 6 Elzevir (Paris, FR, 2018), « Extraction » (solo) Passage Biennial (Bergerac, FR, 2018).

The works of Raphael Lecoquierre

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