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About Peter Odekerken


Peter Odekerken (°1981), Dutch, born in Eindhoven and living in the Netherlands, is a photographer specialising in nature and architecture photography. Worldwide, his limited edition artworks in museum-quality plexiglass hang on walls.

He is a new generation photographer who is self-trained and has acquired all his skills from his own efforts and initiative. According to him, the internet gives you a unique opportunity to look for your own teacher. Someone who really appeals to you and with whom you literally and figuratively have a click!

Photography is his passion. After extensive research, he travels to distant locations to realise his artistic vision under challenging conditions.

He is particularly active in America with exhibitions in the most prestigious venues. He also works with luxury interior designers in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai and London. In recent years, he has also been more active in Europe.

Below is a list of some of the exhibitions:

RFA Fine Art Gallery, Miami, USA, 2019, Ocean & Forest Fine Art Gallery, Rosenbaum Contemporary Art Gallery, Miamy, USA, 2020, Laguna Beach, USA, 2021, Naurelle Luxury Art Gallery, West Hollywood, USA, 2021, Modern Art Etc, West Hollywood, USA, 2022.