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About Marta Dal Sasso


Born in 1979 in northern Italy, Marta Dal Sasso lives and works in Brussels where she obtained a bachelor’s degree from ARBA-ESA and then completed her studies at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden, Germany.
The artistic research of Marta Dal Sasso is based on the self-perception of her own (painting) body and its exchanges to the surrounding world. When the painter’s body is both the sensor and the performer, the painter’s mind stops chatting and conventional narratives, verbal messages and subtitles become devoid of interest.
Marta Dal Sasso received the Bernhard von Lindenau Stipendium from the Altenburg Lindenau Museum (Germany, 2015) and the Salzburg Internationale Sommerakademie scholarship (Austria, 2009), and was selected for the Summercamp at Künstlerstadt Kalbe (Germany, 2016). Since 2009, she has exhibited in galleries, museums and private collections in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the United States.
Her personal exhibitions include: Farbe-Strich-Farbe / Galerie Weise, Chemnitz (Germany, 2016); Bernhard von Lindenau Stipendium / Lindenau Museum (Germany, 2015); Unpackaged / European Commission, Luxembourg (2011). Her group exhibitions include: Master18, Motorenhalle, Dresden (Germany, 2018); Papermade, Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio (Italy, 2017); « Z.E.I.C.H.N.U.N.G. COPYRIGHT », Interdisziplinäre Plattform Berlin (Germany, 2018); Il nocciolo della questione / Bodini Museum, Gemonio (Italy, 2016); Blickwechsel / Städtische Galerie Dresden (Germany, 2014).