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About Julie Scheurweghs


Julie Scheurweghs (°1988, Belgian, based in Brussels, BE) has had a love for the photographic image ever since she was a little girl. For Julie the beauty of photography is not about framing the object, but about providing the right context for the observer to frame his/her own memories and emotions. After obtaining her Master’s degree at LUCA school of arts in 2010, she went on to teach there for 3 years. After her first solo exhibition titled “Accidentally on purpose” in Amsterdam, NL (2012) she quickly made her Belgian solo debut in Knokke (BE) and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions since. Her most known exhibitions include: her famous solo show entitled “The Morning After”, Hotel Bloom, Brussels (BE) in 2014 and her participation to the group show entitled “Schaamte”, Dr. Guislain museum, Gent (BE) in 2016. Apart from being a photographer herself, Julie Scheurweghs is also an avid collector of photographs (old and new) which have been discarded, or even labeled as trash.