About Frédéric Fourdinier


Frédéric Fourdinier (°1976, French, based in Brussels, BE) is a French artist active in the field of visual art. Frédéric’s work questions the ambiguous relationship between mankind and environment, more in particular the constant tension between economical progress and ecological sustainability. Throughout his work he brings into view the notions of territory, whether geopolitical, economic or cultural and how humankind interacts with it. In 2003 Frédéric graduated from the well-know School of Visual Art La Cambre (Brussels, BE). Hailed for his talents as an artist not only in Belgium, but equally throughout Europe, Frédéric has been in numerous exhibitions all over Europe (Belgium, France, Morocco…). He participated in 2011 – amongst other exhibitions – at the prestigious “Festival d’Avignon” (Avignon, FR) in cooperation with the “Galérie des Paysages” with a solo show “We come from nature but…”. Other well known exhibitions include: “In Memoriam” organized by Gallery Anyspace in 2012 (Brussels, BE), “Art Brussels” in cooperation with the Gallery Anyspace in 2013 (Brussels, BE), La société d’éléctricité” as part of the Indent Exhibition in 2015 (Brussels, BE), “Ex nihilo, nihil fit out of nothing, nothing comes” at the artspace White Circle in 2016 (Brussels, BE), “Xmas forever” at La Halle Verrière de Meisenthal in 2016 (La Lorraine, FR), “A l’angle des possible:metastibility” as part of the Orienta Festival d’art contemporain in 2016 (Oujda-Jerada, Morocco) and his most recent solo exhibition “Walking through exploding dandelions”in January/March 2017 at the art space Fréderic Collier (Brussels, BE).

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