Coisne Samuel

Coisne Samuel


Samuel Coisne (°1980, French, based in Brussels, BE) work is highly appreciated in Belgium and abroad. After several exhibitions (from 2008 onwards), Samuel’s work was selected in 2011 for the “Prix Médiatine” and “le Prix de la Jeune sculpture” of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. In 2013 his work was shown at Art Paris by the Lebanese art gallery «Alice Mogabgab». In 2014 he had his first exhibition in Beirut, LB. A year later, in 2015, he exhibited «The Glory of Broken Things» at the MAAC (Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux) in Brussels, BE. Samuel’s most recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition in cooperation with Twyce Architects in Auderghem (Brussels, BE) and a solo exhibition in Centre Culturel Jacques Franck in Saint Gilles (Brussels, BE) under the name “Entropie”, both in September-October 2016.


Coisne Samuel artworks