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Océane Vallot

Océane Vallot


Océane Vallot (°1985, French, based in Brussels, BE) is a contemporary printmaker with a clear focus on experimentation and craftsmanship, stretching the classical techniques of printmaking to the outer limits of the medium.

From 2003 to 2007 Océane Vallot studied printmaking under André Bongibault (°1945, French, FR).

In 2012 she graduated from the well-known School of Visual Art La Cambre (Brussels, BE), under the direction of Maurice Pasternak (°1946, Belgian, BE), where she received her Master’s degree in printmaking.

Since then she has been invited to a number of art residencies in China and Japan and has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Belgium and abroad (Germany, France).

In 2014 she became the cultural coordinator for the printmaking center “Le Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée” based in La Louvière (BE) under the direction of Catherine De Braekeleer where she functions as a guide to the exhibitions and where she teaches experimental printmaking in workshops open to adults and children.


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