Alice Janne Alice Janne
"Alice Janne, archeologist from the present." Alice Janne gets her artistic inspiration from scaling into a bigger size the original dimensions and colors of small objects and pieces of paper she finds in the streets.
Arnaud Gerniers Arnaud Gerniers
"Arnaud Gerniers' art is an empty pleasure." Arnaud Gerniers' work gives you the opportunity to use your own eyes and your own mind to discover an unknown dimension.
Céline Cuvelier Céline Cuvelier
“Journeys to the edges tell our real story”. At the heart of Céline’s Cuvelier artistic practice are minority journeys that are embodied by individuals living at the margins of society, and which reveal the hidden face of our society.
Christophe Terlinden Christophe Terlinden
“Time is of the essence.” Like a diligent music composer, Christophe Terlinden harmonizes -in his assemblage style - a vast variety of contemporary elements, whether architectural, design, installation, or print into unpredictable works of art.
David de Tscharner David de Tscharner
"The travel is more important than the destination." Every work David creates is left open to interpretation, without description or meaningful title.
Dominique Romeyer Dominique Romeyer
"De- and re-constructing an Ode to Modernism". Dominique examines the underlying values implied by hegemonic applications of geometry in a de-constructivist Ode to Modernism that is equal parts critique and homage.
Dominique Théâte Dominique Théâte
With a body dislocated by a fragmented existence, Dominique Théâte's drawings represent a delicate balance between dreams and reality. His work is filled with symbols of financial and social success in a hyperbolic perfection.
Elliot Kervyn Elliot Kervyn
“The world and civilization are both conceived by Elliot as raw material and an artistic issue, a sculptural problem and a source of thematic metaphors opening the path to multiple and complex interpretations.”
Els Opsomer Els Opsomer
Els Opsomer’s work is a reflection on how individuals deal with the complexity of life in an industrialized environment. Meaning is not centered on the image itself, but rather the transitory impressions and personal memories it reveals.
Francois Marcadon Francois Marcadon
“Pink is beautiful.” The drawings of François Marcadon are filled with symbols and mythology as a reflection on our most intimate desires.
Frédéric Fourdinier Frédéric Fourdinier
"Our roots are deep in the woods” said Emile Gallé. The work of Frédéric Fourdinier is part of a critical reflection on the anthropological and ecological consequences associated with the representations and myths offered by modernity.
Jeanine Cohen Jeanine Cohen
“My work is a continuous research on the concept of painting, outside of the obvious definition of the canvas”. Jeanine Cohen’s use of colour, structure and light breaks down the frontiers between pictorial and actual spaces.
Juan Pablo Plazas Juan Pablo Plazas
“"My aim is to open the door to rethinking objects as living subjects”. Juan Pablo Plazas gives mundane objects a second life, creating new perceptions and meanings by removing them from their ordinary context.
Julie Scheurweghs Julie Scheurweghs
“Extraordinary beauty is woven through ordinary life.” With a directed shift of focus in the context at hand Julie Scheurweghs’ pictures uncover a beauty that would otherwise have remained unnoticed.
Kris Fierens Kris Fierens
Kris Fierens’ work concerns “the beauty of chaos”. The essence of his work is the power and the beauty of a motion, as a culmination point of a thinking process that cannot be expressed by words.
Maelle Maisonneuve Maelle Maisonneuve
“Rock and roll attitude is applied to material improvisation”. Fleeting impulses and momentary desires are reassembled and deconstructed via very different media with a virtuosity that is both delicate and forceful.
Nathalie Ledoux Nathalie Ledoux
“Nathalie Ledoux paints a contemporary poetics”. Nathalie Ledoux revisits impressionist and romantic themes with the contemporary tools of abstraction and the aesthetics of digital technology and pop art culture.
Pierre-Pol Lecouturier Pierre-Pol Lecouturier
“The viewer creates the artwork, said Duchamp”. Fascinated by the multiple angles of light on the surface of materials, Pierre-Pol Lecouturier seeks to provoke a cognitive interaction between object and observer.
Robert Suermondt Robert Suermondt
Using different artistic media, Robert Suermondt examines the various relationships of our "gaze" to a photographic image. Through virtuous juxtapositions, Suermondt adopts the context of an original image to convey it a different sense.
Samuel Coisne Samuel Coisne
"Nothing is what it seems." Samuel Coisne transforms ordinary useless material into unique pieces of art as a metaphor and critical reflection on our consumer society.
Tom Woestenborghs Tom Woestenborghs
"In many ways I can't deny being partially responsible." Tom Woestenborghs’ light box collages and digital prints offer a profound reflection on life.