Centre de la gravure et de l’Image imprimée Centre de la gravure et de l’Image imprimée

The Centre for engravings is a museum dedicated to the art of printing, a unique collection, original exhibitions and an educative offer with multiple facets. Renovated and extended in 2011, the Centre for engravings is revealing the multiple facets of the contemporary prints.

Art Collector Art Collector

Committed to stimulate the promotion of emerging french artists, Evelyne and Jacques Deret, a couple of passionate collectors, has founded in 2011 the project Art Collector that assembles around a particular event an artists, his collectors and his gallery. The concept Art Collector, constituted under the form of a foundation, is unique car its objective is not to promote a personal vision or a collection but to promote a talented and emerging artist thanks to his collectors and with the support of Evelyne and Jacques Deret.

Editions Bruno Robbe Editions Bruno Robbe

Éditions Bruno Robbe were created in 1999. Bruno Robbe welcomes in his workshop many Belgian and foreign artists, such as Lismonde, Jean-Francois Octave, Jan Peter Thorbecke, David Nash, David Tremlet, Jacques Charlier, Peter Downsbrough, Dominique Gauthier, Bob Verschueren, Benoît Jacques to only cite a few.

Mac’s Mac’s

The MAC’s is housed within the former Grand-Hornu colliery, a monument of European industrial heritage that was designated as UNESCO world heritage in 2012. Since the museum opened in 2002, it has welcomed over a million visitors, produced more than 85 exhibitions and promoted numerous artists from the region.